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We established a presence in Germany in 1984 with the aim of providing reliable and stable supplies of natural gas from Norway. Now, we are the second largest supplier of gas to Europe, and in the years to come, our goal is to pave the way to Germany's energy revolution with natural gas from Norway.

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Equinor supplies around one quarter of Germany’s gas


Using natural gas instead of coal can save 50% of CO2 emissions—immediately


Only 12% of German electricity was generated using natural gas last year. 40% was from coal

How to find us in Germany

Germany’s energy questions need answers.

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Welche Rolle spielt Erdgas im Energiemix? Die Antwort finden Sie hier.

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Wann auf Erdgas umstellen? Hier steht es auf den Tag genau.

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Warum ist Erdgas besser?
Mindestens 3 Gründe finden Sie hier.

What we do in Germany?

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When we first entered the German market in the mid-1980s, our vision was to provide reliable?gas supplies to Europe.?

We established a gas storage facility in the underground salt dome caverns in Etzel,?near Wilhelmshaven, and a few years later the 670 long Europipe I pipeline was opened. ?We now?supply about one third of Germany’s gas, and the Etzel facility can store over 1.2 billion standard cubic?metres of gas. Etzel is one of the central locations where gas pipelines intersect. ?

Since 2014, we have had an office in Berlin whose main task is to ensure dialogue with German energy?policymakers.??

Our operations in Germany?

Equinor Deutschland (then Statoil) was established in April 1984 in Düsseldorf. The company is a fully-owned subsidiary of Equinor ASA and headquartered in Friedburg-Etzel in Ostfriesland.?

Ostfriesland in Northern Germany plays an important role in ensuring the supply of gas to customers in Germany and throughout Europe. The north western coast of Germany is connected to the gas fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf by the three main pipelines: Norpipe (1977), Europipe I (1995) and Europipe II (1999) which land in Emden and Dornum.

In October 2009, subsidiaries were established due to the unbundling rules of European regulation. Equinor Deutschland Storage is the regulated marketer of storage services within the Etzel Gas-Lager storage facility.