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Our culture & values

Our ongoing goal is to provide the world with the energy it needs, sustainably and responsibly. Our values help guide us in how we do business and work together. Because we believe that how we deliver is just as important as what we deliver.


Open, collaborative, courageous and caring?are the four core principles that embody the spirit and energy of Equinor at its best. They guide our decisions, actions and the way we interact with others. These are qualities we expect from each of our colleagues.?

  • We promote transparency?
  • We embrace diversity and new perspectives?
  • We raise ethical dilemmas and act with integrity
  • We work together as one team??
  • We share knowledge and help each other succeed??
  • We engage with, respect and earn the trust of our business partners and society??
  • We seek zero harm to people??
  • We respect each other and contribute to a positive working environment??
  • We act in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible manner?
  • We are curious, innovative and commercial?
  • We continuously improve?
  • We use foresight, identify opportunities and manage risk?

The future of energy is equal

Idunn Tobiassen Mauseth. Process Operator at Melk?ya, Hammerfest
Photo: Ole J?rgen Bratland / Equinor

Equinor is committed to diversity and equality. We know that teams that are diverse help foster creativity that will enable the type of innovation required to provide the world with the energy it needs - sustainably and responsibly.?


Outside of Equinor we support programmes like Heroes of Tomorrow, which provide mentorship for the next generation and encourage participation in STEM subjects for girls and boys of all ages. Inside of our organisation we continually strengthen an inclusive workplace where everyone feels empowered to contribute and have their voices heard, valued and respected. ?

Providing a platform for the next generation of STEM talent

Empowering a new generation of female leaders through mentoring

Celebrating the women breaking down industry barriers today

Supporting female engineering talent across borders?

Strength lies in our differences, not our similarities

At Equinor, we work every day to provide an environment where all our employees feel included and valued. We want everyone to bring their different skills, experiences and knowledge to the team to help us shape the future of energy.

Photo: Einar Aslaksen / Try

Embracing and driving diversity is a fundamental part of our core values — open, collaborative, courageous and caring?— and a leadership expectation for all our people. We are passionate about diversity and inclusion?— not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it drives better business decisions and gives better results. We know that employees in an inclusive and diverse environment collaborate more effectively, and that diverse and inclusive teams reach higher performance levels. Diversity and inclusion work together; both are essential to achieve results.

Continuously striving for better

We set an ambition that by 2025, all teams in our company should be inclusive and diverse. We want our workforce to reflect the diversity of our business, partners and countries where we are present.


“To us, diversity includes experience, competence, age, gender, education, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, and more?— all that helps shape our thoughts and perspectives. We want everyone in Equinor to feel like they are part of one team, shaping the future and delivering on our goals and mission. Embracing our differences makes us stronger. True inclusion is being able to share the stories of your life and who you are, and to feel accepted and valued. To us, inclusion is diversity in practice and a vital part of our working environment.”

Ana Fonseca Nordang, VP People and Leadership, Equinor.?

We have come quite far when it comes to making diversity and inclusion a part of our identity. It started with improving gender diversity in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Today we strive to progress on all other aspects of diversity. Our journey of reaching our target continues.

?Our actions to promote an inclusive culture in Equinor

SEXUAL HARASSMENT:?At Equinor, providing our employees with a work environment where they can feel safe and secure is one of highest priorities. Harassment of any kind, bullying, derogatory remarks or other behavior regarded as degrading or threatening will not be tolerated.

SUPPORTING PARENTS:?To help our employees transition into the other important job of their life, we offer 16 weeks of global paid parental leave to all employees who become parents through birth or adoption.

BIAS TRAINING:?We believe that bias has no business in our business. Through unconscious bias training, we work to eliminate bias and increase diversity at every level of employment, particularly in positions of leadership.

INTERNAL PLACEMENTS AND DEVELOPMENT:?Diversity factors heavily when we nominate employees to our leadership development programmes. It’s important to us that we recommend a diverse set of candidates for recruitment activities, internal deployment and development opportunities.

LGBTQ+:?We are committed to an equal workplace, which is why we promote an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and other identities) employees. One that inspires authenticity for all of our people, with respect to their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. GPS INCLUSION INDEX: We’re always looking for ways to better our company and our culture through our people. That’s why, in 2018, we added a series of questions measuring inclusion in our annual people survey. This is an important measurement tool for teams to assess and discuss how to strengthen our own culture of inclusion.

EMPLOYEE RESOURCE GROUPS:?We’re big supporters of people who support one another. That’s why we encourage internal networks and resource groups for women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ and other special interest groups.

Our commitment to a more diverse future.


RECRUITMENT: Whether you’re a student who’s interested in one of our internship programmes, or a seasoned professional with years of experience, we’re always looking to hire people from different backgrounds to represent diversity within our company. In fact, 44% of our graduate hires were female in 2018 and 39 % were from countries other than Norway. 30% of our apprentices are female, and we work hard to increase the number of female candidates for apprenticeships.

GLOBAL TEAMS: Our company has strong roots in Norway, and we want as many of our employees to experience our culture through our business, first-hand. That’s why we established a Global development programme for emerging talents in the U.S, Brazil, Algeria, Singapore etc. Participants live and work in Norway for one year to broaden their experience, develop and learn. When the programme is completed, they return to their home country to continue their career growth.

GENDER BALANCE: By considering all possible candidates, we’re able hire the very best talent available. Which is why we continue to increase the number of women to our talent pool, especially in management teams and in operations. In fact, around 30% of our employees are female, and we have increased the number of female leaders on all levels in the organization to 29%. We increased the percentage of women reporting to the corporate executive committee from 37% to 44% in 2018. What’s more, we sponsor the Women’s Energy Network in the U.S. and Brazil, and we are engaged in UN’s Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change. We also support the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in the U.S.

MATHS AND SCIENCE: Of all the precious resources we’ve identified around the world, there may be none more precious than education itself. Which is why we encourage young people and women to choose science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects though science-related programmes in Norway like Teach First, Heroes of Tomorrow, First Lego League and Scandinavian Innovation Award. We also offer STEM camps at the University in Houston for young children. In the UK, we launched the Hywind Hub, a purpose-built STEM education, as well as sponsoring the TechFest festival for young people. In addition, we support Wonderlab. We deliver an annual Heroes of Tomorrow event. And in 2018, we provided higher education scholarship to 27 students in Tanzania.


Universum Awards 2020

Most popular in our class


At the 2020 Universum student survey, Equinor was ranked the most attractive employer among Norwegian technology students for the 24th year running! We achieved 2nd place with business students and 3rd for IT in this year’s survey. Universum surveyed 13,100 students at 26 Norwegian universities and colleges before announcing this year’s winners.