The uniqueness of The High School of Sports Management is our interdisciplinary approach that connects academics with real-life work in sports. In addition to a full complement of regular prescribed courses that include advanced placement, students take introductory classes in sports media, marketing, journalism, broadcasting, event planning, technology, business and operations. The learning environment is not limited to a four-wall structure. Rather, it extends to the community, to sport industry facilities, as well as to the classroom.


Our school has grown to accept a wide range of ideas. We believe that independent minded students entrusted to our care will have their critical thinking skills sharpened, desire to succeed deepened, and knowledge, understanding and reflection pursued, long after formal studies have ended.

All students fully invested in the cutting-edge, academic weighted, sport management program acquire:

  • Discipline for excellence
  • Foundation for success
  • Positive life skills
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Scholarship support

Business of Sport Report 2015 Year End